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Teak, Tectona grandis, has long been a popular hardwood for exterior home projects as well as the mainstay for the boat building industry.  Teak is prized for its golden brown coloring, extreme weather resistance, and incredible strength.  In the last few years, Teak has begun to venture indoors, and it is being used more and more as interior flooring, paneling, and trim.

Teak is practically impervious to the elements due to its natural oils and high silica content. It is highly stable and stunningly beautiful with a golden brown color and consistent vertical grain with darker stripes. We offer genuine Burmese FEQ (First European Quality) Teak, because of its superior weather resistance in comparison with the plantation varieties. Soil chemistry, growth rate, and climate play a big role in contributing to the performance and appearance characteristics of good Teak. Over the decades, we have found that Burmese Teak is the best.

Teak’s applications range from outdoor furniture and boat decking to exterior and interior home trim work. The quartersawn or vertical grain Teak is the most desirable for boat decking, and it will carry a premium price tag, because larger volumes of lumber must be sorted to produce this premium grade. We have a great selection of Teak in many sizes, but our most popular are as follows:

Thickness Width Length Price
4/4 3″ 6-9’ $18.60/bf
4/4 4″ 6-9’ $18.90/bf
4/4 5″ 6-9’ $19.20/bf
8/4 4″ 6-9’ $19.90/bf
8/4 5″ 6-9’ $20.20/bf

High quality Burmese Teak comes from the other side of the world and is one of the most expensive species regularly available in North America. As you can see above, per board foot prices can vary based on thickness, width, length, and cut of the grain.

With this high price tag in mind, we want to make sure we provide exactly what you need and ensure the smallest amount of waste possible for your project. To best help us quote your custom Teak order please submit a request for quote as thoroughly as possible, and we will contact you for pricing, along with a delivery time frame.

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